The 11 Most Awesome World Records of 2010

In 2010, the RecordSetter received and processed thousands of new world records from over 35 countries around the planet. Hearty congrats to everyone who got involved and showed off their awesomeness. It wasn't easy, but here are our 11 favorite feats of the year, as selected by the RecordSetter staff and community.

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Say the word "labyrinth," and most 80s-raised minds think, "David Bowie in alarmingly tight spandex." This video manages to equal the thrills of said film in just two minutes and 37.8 seconds. That's how long it took Alon Mass, a steady-handed neurosurgeon, to guide two marbles through the wooden maze of Labyrinth. For added bonus, check out Alon's other RecordSetter triumphs: Fastest Time to Complete A Game Of Labyrinth, and Fastest Time To Complete A Backwards Game Of Labyrinth.

Due to compact size, low centers of gravity and flexible limbs unencumbered by creaks, children can hurl themselves about with minimal damage done. In 2010, this principle was demonstrated by two kids on opposite sides of the world: NYC's Jasper Jacobs, and Emma Craig in South Australia. In February, Jasper created the record for most assisted flips in a minute, performing 20 backwards somersaults with help from his dad. This activated the Spidey senses of Ms. Craig, who completed 23 flips with gymnastic gusto. Ah, kids.

Words With Friends

Record #9 is controversial: in this hotly contested Words With Friends category, Chris Buccino's 1434-point play of the word "commercializing" sparked debate over the validity of "set-up" records. If two players conspire to create an epically high score, is that cheating? Not since the sound of one hand clapping has humanity been confronted with such a philosophical conundrum. The record stood, and a few months later was bested by 38 points courtesy of Trevor G's "conceptualizing". Well conceptualized, Trevor!

Add a straw to any drink and you get instant refinement, regardless of beverage. Even if you're sitting on the floor, slurping a soda. Following this impenetrable logic, Canada's Mel Sampson of K-Rock 89.3's "The Drive Home With Mel" is the most respectable consumer of cola in the land. After her RecordSetter world record for Longest Straw Used to Drink a Coca-Cola was usurped -- twice -- she reclaimed it in spectacular style, more than doubling the distance of her rival Eric Thiem with a 17.22-meter tube. Classic.

RecordSetter's Break Cancer partnership with the LIVESTRONG Young Adult Alliance has inspired heaps of records that carry an important message: cancer needs to scram, pronto. Cancer survivors and others have raised awareness with such activities as hula hooping and dancing an extra-festive "Robot". For sheer attention-grabbing power, though, you can't go past 35 people – including one brave female – shaving their heads at the same Austin, Texas event. (Oh wait, this record just got broken.)

A recent study found that the British are the cheekiest people on earth. Okay, that's not true, but Frazer Goodbody certainly maintains his nation's reputation for impish glee. Frazer's record for Most Times Getting A Mattress World Employee To Say "Mattress" On A Phone Call is the kind of victimless creative mischief that makes life more magical. His eliciting of 12 mattresses in one call seemed unbeatable until Jake Bronstein used the old "Could you repeat yourself? You're breaking up" technique to extract 15 mentions of the word.

Shouts of "Pankey Power!" were heard around RecordSetter HQ in 2010, as the site's most prolific record setter, Brian Pankey, surpassed 500 world-beating feats. Among his many extraordinary achievements in juggling, balancing and bouncing is this inventive feat, which combines exercise, manual dexterity and eating into a tour-de-force 30-second performance. This record cemented Pankey's status as RecordSetter's first ever Hall-of-Famer. Congrats, Brian. We hope 1000 records comes next.

For the dictionary definition of "pure joy," look no further than Leo Laporte's face as he floats on a sea of humanity at the Bigg Digg Shindigg in Austin, Texas. While livecasting on stage with the guys from Diggnation, the veteran tech journo wondered out loud what it would be like to crowdsurf atop the massive throng. Seconds later, he had his answer. The one-minute, 2.75-second joyride was broadcast live on the Internet on

Get 39 people together in a New York City bar and it's obvious what will happen: they'll donate a collective $390 to Red Cross relief efforts in Haiti. At least, that was the case at Joe's Pub in January, when attendees at a World Record Appreciation Society event applied their constant texting to a worthy cause. Months later, Mashable Media Summit attendees responded to RecordSetter co-founder Dan Rollman's challenge to beat the record. Their effort lasted until September, when 585 fans at an Anaheim Angels game raised $2925 for ovarian cancer research.

Mack Elder emerged into the RecordSetter fray late in 2009, when he set the record for the Fastest Time To Name All Star Trek Movies In Chronological Order. The feat was certainly entertaining, but it was the mere prequel for an extraordinary next generation of record-setting: naming every Star Trek TV show episode, ever. In broadcast order. That's 79, for those playing at home. Not only did Elder run through the list in one minute and 38.9 seconds, he did so while wearing a Star Trek uniform. We grok you, Mack.

Here's a nifty way to test a friendship: 1. Use a belt to strap you and your bestie's heads together. 2. Go about your lives as best you can, noses touching. 3. Separate over 10 hours later. If you're still pals, you're set for life. Bob Officer and John Millheiser endured this grueling bromance marathon in March, spending 10 hours, 34 minutes and 48 seconds touching noses. Overseen by RecordSetter representative Rob Birdsong, the conjoined duo carefully traveled to NBC studios via subway, where Jimmy Fallon conducted a ceremonial separation on his Late Night show.

Honorable Mentions

Inspired by these records or think you can beat them? Put "Set a RecordSetter World Record" on your to-do list for 2011. We believe everyone on earth can be the world's best at something, and would be thrilled to add your achievements to our site. Happy holidays, Team RecordSetter.

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